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Just some info on the areas we assist you with

Trust Services

In the event that you require a service to help you manage your investment portfolios should you not be able to or not be interested in doing yourself, we offer our services to ensure they are managed effectively and diligently leaving you to enjoy more important aspects in your life. This service also extends through to estate planning needs when there are no financially competent individuals available should you pass away and need a professional company like Accredo to manage your estate.

Trust Drafting

In the event you do have someone in mind to conserve and protect your assets should you pass away, you still want there to be rules in place for that person to adhere to so that they aren’t negligent when allocating assets to the entitled beneficiaries. We help you draft up a Trust Agreement to ensure everything is carried out as you wish.

Trust Deeds

A trust deed is a notice of release to a buyer of merchandise, typically property, from a bank with the bank retaining the ownership title to the released assets. This notice of release is usually in relation to business purposes. Contact us for more information on how useful Trust Deeds can be useful for your current circumstances.


A trustee are a group of people or a firm that is charged with holding and administering for the benefit of a third party or beneficiaries. Accredo provides you with a trustee should you require Fiduciary Services for your assets. Contact us to find out more on how we can assist.