Be prepared for your financial journey ahead

Just some info on the areas we assist you with

Risk Planning

Risk will always be a part of life when you decide to take on new challenges, but it can also be brought about by unforeseen circumstances which is why you need to be prepared. Don’t leave you or your loved ones with financial burdens if you should pass away or be unable to work due to debilitating health issues. Make sure you have finances set up so that all the necessities are available to cover the costs that may occur in the event of a serious incident or circumstances.

Critical Illness

Critical illnesses can occur for many different reasons and because of that it is important to be prepared while things are still good. We help plan and implement effective measures to protect you financially and afford you access to quality healthcare, should you experience a life-altering illness that may affect your ability to provide for yourself or your loved ones. The first step is to let us help you choose the best insurance plan and institute that will work for your current budget and then allow us to monitor the progress and advise you on a monthly basis so that we can advise you on any changes and new opportunities, should they arise. 


Disability, like serious illness, is something that can happen without warning. Starting early to save and get an affordable and a quality-driven insurance plan is important to ensuring you or your loved ones are looked after if something life-altering happens to you. Long-term medical care is a costly business and you need an effective plan to avoid the pitfalls of paying your medical bills, as well as have finances available to sustain you, should you need it.

Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover is a necessity in every household as death can happen at anytime and leave you financially unprepared to handle the costs involved in burying you or a loved one. There are many companies out there offering all sorts of cover options and unless you check the fine-print, may still leave you without cover or that may add additional costs if you aren’t careful. One of the reasons why need a Financial Planner like Accredo is to help you choose the best options available to you according to your current financial budget and help you implement and maintain a plan so that if you or a loved one should be unexpectedly taken from this world, the funeral expenses will be adequately covered.

Life Cover

Would you like to ensure your family’s well being should your life be taken away unexpectedly? Life cover is the answer as it can work very well in your and your family’s favour. No one enjoys the dealing with the prospect of death, but even more, no one likes to worry about what happens to their loved ones if they are unable to support themselves should they die. Accredo ensures you get the best policy that will cover all aspects such as providing an income to your family, settle estate debts that arise with your untimely death and even cover funeral expenses. Contact us to find out more on what is available and how we can help you prepare for the unexpected. 

Bond/Mortgage Cover

Having a home is an essential part of life and is something no one wants to compromise on or lose in the event of certain unfortunate circumstances. A mortgage is typically a legal agreement between you and a creditor when you take out a loan on your property which you have to pay back with interest over the agreed period. The creditor holds the title of your property until the bond has been paid and the agreement becomes void and you are then the rightful owner of the property. However, life always presents risks and you may lose your life or become permanently disabled and not be in a position to pay off that debt. If that happens, you lose your home and you or your loved ones will have to leave. Don’t be unprepared and contact us today to help you avoid losing your home.  


The most important question when saving money is how long will it last you when you need to rely on it? With interest rates being juggled around according to the ever changing financial climate and the governments budget proposals always changing to accommodate the country’s immediate needs, even after consider those aspects, there are always unexpected things that can happen that may force you to take a chunk out of your savings in order to cover them. This can affect your long-term savings and put you in a difficult position when you finally retire or are put in a situation when you need to rely on your savings to provide you with a sustainable income. Accredo ensures that when we establish plans for you that we take into account and review these additional factors so that your money will last as long as you do.