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Just some info on the areas we assist you with

Risk Planning

A big part of growing your company is taking risks. New opportunities, products and services become available as social habits change and technology improves and you don’t want to get left behind when these changes occur, which is why you need to be prepared in case things don’t work in your favour and need to protect your business from collapsing before you’ve had the opportunity to explore more options. Let us help you by offering the following services to meet your Risk Planning needs.

Contingent Liability Policies

The first step to managing the slippery slope of Risk is protecting your company from being liable for an incident that may occur as a result of your contractors, subcontractors, employees or agents. There is no guarantee that you are going to be working with professional companies or individuals all the time and will at times be faced with liability claims that you may need to pay for. Having a solid Contingent Liability Policy will ensure that you are able to cover these claims should they arise and no legal recourse can be taken to protect your business from experiencing a financial loss in that regard.

Loan Account Protection

When starting a business, there is usually a cost involved to obtain assets that will go towards providing the products or services that the company states it does. Obtaining these assets usually involves taking out a business loan and is usually done by the owner. What happens if the owner should become disabled or pass away? Well, in most cases if their are no funds available to cover the loan and the interest that it charges, the business runs the risk of being declared insolvent and affecting all involved. Loan Account Protection will ensure that the loan is paid should the worst happen and the right conditions are met.

Key Person Cover

Every business has a Key Individual or a group of Key Individuals that are vital to the success and growth of the business. If any of those individuals are unable to work due to serious illness, disability or death it may affect your business in a negative way and cause financial loss that could be devastating to daily operations. Having Key Person Cover will ensure that if something happens you will have some peace of mind knowing that your company will be financially covered until you are able to adequately replace the person you have lost.

Business Overheads Protection

In life, everything that we pay for on a monthly basis that keeps our household or business running effectively falls under overheads. Business Overheads Protection will ensure that your business is covered for a period of time in the event your business experiences financial difficulty and is unable to pay for the necessary services it needs to function. Every business goes through tough times, but if you are smart and have an effective financial plan in place, you will get through until business is booming again.