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Just some info on the areas we assist you with

Retirement Planning

Retirement is an essential part of life and is should be a time of reaping the rewards from your hard work over the years. From both a personal and financial perspective, achieving a sustainable and stress-free retirement is a grueling process that takes clever planning and years of perseverance.

Even when you achieve it, managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that lasts throughout the rest of your life. While everyone like to be well off when they retire, the time and effort required to build a successful retirement plan can seem impossible. However, with Accredo as your Financial Planner, you will be able to achieve this goal while still being able to spend extra on many of the things you want now.

Retirement Annuity

When you invest your savings through a Retirement Annuity fund, you can make your savings available to growth assets like shares. This is essential in creating noteworthy investment returns that are hardly affected by inflation. By giving your hard-earned savings time to grow, you reap the benefits of compound growth to ensure you’re more financially stable when the time comes to retire. Retirement annuities enjoy substantial tax concessions from our South African government, allowing you to gain more from your investment.

Retirement GAP

A Retirement GAP is an analysis of where you are financially and where you want to be by the time you retire. Making a commitment to start setting aside money for your retirement fund is the first step as it will be a long road ahead. Our job is to help map out the possibility of what you could end up. We take a look at all of your current investment and savings options and make a mathematically-calculated estimation on where your money will be when you finally retire.