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Investing in something is usually a means of supporting something with financial resources with the promise of rewarding returns. There are a number of ways that you can invest your money so that you can grow it and collect it with its accumulated interest. We take a look at the options available on your behalf and make recommendations on the most suitable and beneficial investments options available. Let’s take a look what investment options are available.

Local/Offshore Investments

At this point in your life you must have heard the term “offshore investment”, but what does it mean? Offshore investment is investing in foreign assets based on various reasons. Maybe you are someone that travels overseas a lot or who has a family living overseas and need to invest in property and such for boarding purposes or maybe you are hoping to make money from your investments because of the difference in value between our rands and a foreign currency. The question is whether or not investing locally or offshore is the best option for you and what you have available. Not everyone can commit to offshore investments as there are costs involved that may eat more than what you get back. We take a look at your current financial situation and determine what the best course of action will be so that you don’t lose your hard-earned money from a careless mistake. We are here to help you grow your financial assets.

Structured Products

Structured Products are a safer and more customized way of investing capital and safe-guarding that capital whilst attempting to grow your investment when standard investment options just won’t do. Structured Products are typically a collection of portfolios that have a lower risk exposure factor in return for accepting lower interest rates offered by investment institutes. This option also opens up the diversity factor on where your capital is exposed and may help you make a decision on where you want to invest more to increase your return factor.

LISP Funds

LISP or Linked Investment Service Providers are investment institutes that offer a single entry into a number of investment schemes so that you have access to a multiple array of funds without the need for separate investment portfolios. This option allows you to select a more personalized investment option that matches your risk profile and may help you achieve your objective. LISP funds operate from a consolidated platform and reduces the administrative hassles associated with individual platforms.

Unit Trusts

This option is a great way of investing in assets like shares and property, especially offshore assets, and exposes you to a wider range of investment assets should you choose to invest something more specific down the road. This is specifically ideal for investing in offshore assets without worrying too much about exchange rates and other troublesome requirements you would typically have to deal with yourself. This option pools money from many investors, including you, and allocates it to shares, bonds or property selected by us.

ETFs (Exchange Trader Funds)

ETFs are a marketable security for individual investors, such as yourself, to indirectly own shares of stock and reap the rewards when converting them back to cash at a lower price range. While there is still risk involved which we help you look at, ETFs can be bought and sold at anytime during the trading day. ETFs are also subject to changes in stock market prices and will go up and down as they track the stock prices they are indirectly linked to, so you will always need to keep aware of what is happening with your ETFs, which we will gladly assist you with.