Protect you and your loved ones

Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most expensive services you will have to work with in your lifetime. Quality healthcare is essential and you cannot compromise when it comes to your health or the health of your loved ones. We are associated with one of South Africa’s leading health insurers, Momentum Health, not to mention having a director that also happens to be a qualified professional healthcare broker. We are committed in providing you with an affordable healthcare plan that meets more than acceptable healthcare standards.

Accredo is a registered Momentum partner

Having the best medical aid plan is one of the smartest investments you will ever make, not only for yourself but also your loved ones. Medical aid can cover a variety of medical services ranging from prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, medical tests, hospital care and much more, but finding a medical aid plan that can accomodate your budget and cover the essentials is a difficult task, which is why we are here to help.

We draw up a quality-driven healthcare-plan and set you up with a suitable medical aid plan with our partners at Momentum Health to ensure that you and your loved ones are cared for should medical expenses arise.

GAP Cover & Wellness programs

As much as medical aids are designed to take care of costly medical needs, there will sometimes be payment shortfalls when dealing with certain healthcare services or providers that your medical aid may not be able to cover. GAP cover is not medical aid, but more an insurance solution designed to cover the additional cost “gap” that may arise when dealing with an unexpected medical issue not adequately covered by your current medical aid plan.

One of the ways to help avoid a trip to the doctor or even hospital, should something drastic happen, is to look after your mind and body. Wellness programs are designed to help alleviate stress and keep you energetic and fit so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. There are many wellness programs dealing with addiction, weight-management, stress-management, diabetes, meditation, fitness and more that may require a regular financial commitment.

Healthcare Structuring For Businesses


Having access to affordable and quality-driven healthcare is important to your employees and is also a defining factor in an employee committing to their job. We help you structure a suitable healthcare package for your employees as part of their benefits package while working for your company. Let’s take a look at what we can provide you.

Retirement Funds

As a business you need have to carefully consider the healthcare schemes available to you so that you can offer an important incentive enticing employees to stay knowing their healthcare requirements can be met while still being able to cover the rest of your business costs. We will help you select a suitable scheme that will meet the needs of your current operating budget whilst providing quality healthcare options to you and your employees.