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Accredo Financial Solutions, can be your trusted partner in supporting your journey to financial wellness. We are committed to helping you fulfill your lifelong financial needs, by providing relevant and unique solutions to suit your pockets and individual circumstances.

It is our aim to build and maintain enduring relationships by providing products, processes and service delivery that exceeds your expectations. Our broad range of advice, insurance, investments and health offerings provide you with the best possible financial solutions, because good financial wellness enables you to achieve your goals in life.

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Accredo Financial Solutions delivers a consistent and professional service to assist with financial wellness.

“Values-based Financial Planning, excellent service and long term relationships are the core values that drive our business.”

Values-based financial planning is specific to your needs. Sound advice and the implementation thereof are at the core of our profession. We are committed to ongoing training regarding changes in legislation. Industry related regulatory examinations / accreditations have been successfully completed and are up-to-date. This ensures financial planning advice remains relevant and current.

Personal Planning

Estate Planning


Estate taxes are levied onto an inherited portion of an estate if the total value of the estate exceeds an exclusion limit set by law. However, if a spouse is to inherit an estate or portion thereof, the spouse does not pay estate taxes and this will then be considered as Marital Deduction.

However, if the surviving spouse passes away, the beneficiaries will be required to pay the taxes if it exceeds the exclusion limit. Let us help you plan effectively so that your beneficiaries can avoid paying excessive taxes on their portion(s) of your estate, should you die.

Capital Gains Taxes

Capital Gains Tax forms part of income tax. A capital gain occurs when you dispose of an immovable property and the resulting proceeds exceed the property’s base cost. Capital gains are taxed at a lower tax rate than regular income. Withholding tax applies to non-resident sellers of immovable property.
The amount withheld by the buyer serves as an advance payment towards the seller’s final income tax liability. We assist you in keeping an accurate record of all the gains and losses of that estate so when the time comes to dispose of the property, you will be able to provide SARS with an accurate capital gains assessment report.

Retirement planning

Retirement is an essential part of life and is should be a time of reaping the rewards from your hard work over the years. From both a personal and financial perspective, achieving a sustainable and stress-free retirement is a grueling process that takes clever planning and years of perseverance.

Even when you achieve it, managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that lasts throughout the rest of your life. While everyone like to be well off when they retire, the time and effort required to build a successful retirement plan can seem impossible. However, with Accredo as your Financial Planner, you will be able to achieve this goal while still being able to spend extra on many of the things you want now.

Start Investing

Investing in something is usually a means of supporting something with financial resources with the promise of rewarding returns. There are a number of ways that you can invest your money so that you can grow it and collect it with its accumulated interest. We take a look at the options available on your behalf and make recommendations on the most suitable and beneficial investments options available. Let’s take a look what investment options are available.

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Local/Offshore Investments

Offshore investment is investing in foreign assets based on various reasons. Maybe you are someone that travels overseas a lot or maybe you are hoping to make money from your investments because of the difference in value between our rands and a foreign currency.

Structured Products

Structured Products are a safer and more customized way of investing capital and safe-guarding that capital whilst attempting to grow your investment when standard investment options just won’t do.

LISP Funds

LISP or Linked Investment Service Providers are investment institutes that offer a single entry into a number of investment schemes so that you have access to a multiple array of funds without the need for separate investment portfolios.

Unit Trusts

This option is a great way of investing in assets like shares and property, especially offshore assets, and exposes you to a wider range of investment assets should you choose to invest something more specific down the road.

Financial Planning For Companies

Employee Benefits

In order to be a successful business, you need to ensure that your employees are looked after and rewarded for all the hard work they put in to make your company a great establishment to build a career in. This will include setting up Retirement Funds, Pension Funds, Provident Funds and Group Risk Benefits. We help you to structure and implement a Employee Benefits packages using the following options that we have available for you.

Retirement Funds

A Retirement Annuity Fund is a fund that usually applies to self-employed business owners or to individuals that do not have access to a retirement fund option at their current place of employment. This type of retirement fund mainly applies to individuals that reach the minimum age of retirement as only then can they buy an annuity option with a third of their benefit.

Pension Funds

Pension Funds are another form of retirement funds that are more geared towards individuals that want a lump sum payed out if they meet the requirements specified by the investment when it reaches a point of maturity. You aren’t required to meet the minimum retirement age in order to have access to the pension fund.

Provident Funds

A Provident Fund is a fund established to serve as a social safety net should an employee be unable to work for whatever reason. The concept is that either the employee contributes a portion of their salary or the employer will contribute a portion on behalf of the employee into the fund to be accessed when the right conditions are met.

Group Risk Benefits

These are tailored-made packages we help you structure for your employees to be utilized during times of distress like death, disability or serious illness that will either cover you, your family or both. As we are partnered with Momentum, one of SA’s leading insurance institutions, we will help you set up a package that will greatly benefit your workforce and give them peace of mind, should anything drastic happen.

Unit Trusts

This option is a great way of investing in assets like shares and property, especially offshore assets, and exposes you to a wider range of investment assets should you choose to invest something more specific down the road.

Risk Planning