Get answers to our most frequently asked questions

How do I know how many points I have accumulated and what they compromise of?

View your dashboard on the Multiply website and select “view points statement”.

How many points can I earn for doing “x” activity?

View Multiply’s full points guide – here

How do I accumulate points to move up status levels?

You can find out more by viewing Multiply’s improve your status guide – here

What apps do I need to download and where?

Momentum App – where users will be able to see a condensed version of the Multiply site, activate and deactivate safe days, get pre-authorisation and log claims etc).

Multiply Money App –  which they will use to manage and spend savings earned from rewards partners. To get a better understanding of Multiply Money and how the system works, please visit Multiply – here

FitVault – Log active days.

How do I earn an active day?

Find out more about Active Dayz – here

How do I link a fitness device?

Find out how to link a fitness device – here

How do I get my Multiply Visa card? Where and how do I use it?

Find out more about the Multiply Visa card – here

Why do I need to do a Fitness and Health Assessment?

Completing an assessment will help determine the amount of discounts/rewards you will receive in terms of The Health Returns and Myriad discounts.

How regularly will I need to do my Health and Fitness Assessments?

Healthy Heart Score – Once a year
Fitness Assessments – Once every 6 months

You can redo these multiple times – at your own cost – if you’d like to improve your results.

Where do I do the Health and Fitness Assessments and how much do they cost?

The Healthy Heart Score is typically done at any Dischem Branch but can be done at any other alternative service provider listed below along with the Fitness Assessment:

• A BASA registered Biokineticist
• A Momentum Multiply Wellness Day

Healthy Heart Score – R120 (can claim back from Momentum Health)
Fitness Assessment – R192 (for members own cost or can be claimed from Momentum Health Savings)

Do I get discounts at fitness partners?

Multiply offers discounts at both Virgin Active and Planet Fitness. The discount is 25% off the gym fees and there will be no upfront joining fees.