Build a solid financial foundation for your business

Just some info on the areas we assist you with

Business Continuity

In every business you need to look at the risks involved during operation and how to handle them when something goes wrong, but usually that applies to things you have control over and can adjust if things don’t work according to plan. What happens when you’re faced with unforeseen external incidents that have the potential to hinder operations and cause a loss in potential revenue? The answer is in the form of a solid financial plan and necessary insurance schemes designed to get your business up and running as soon as possible in the event of an incident.

Buy and Sell Agreements

Accredo helps you to draw up buy and sell agreements so that a variety important aspects such as tax, commissions, insurance conditions and exchange rates are all in place to protect the seller as well as the buyer. It can be a daunting task setting up these agreements as it can have a serious impact on your business if not done properly. Contact us if you need assistance with drawing up a contract of this nature.