Multiply is at the core of our planning process. The rewards and discounts on the programme are comprehensive and the level of these benefits will depend on the status of your membership. These exciting benefits are available to members that have signed up to bronze and migrating upward to silver, gold, platinum and private club.

Get rewarded for being a Multiply member and keeping healthy

Multiply provides three primary discounts and rewards included in the services we provide

Health Returns

Health Returns are a unique reward that Momentum offers members on Momentum Health. These returns, seen as a “cash back”, are earned for engaging in fitness and wellness. Health Returns are used by clients to fund their Day to Day Medical Expenses. They are carried over from year to year and can also be used on the Multiply Shop (only on Health Related Products, there will be a little symbol in the top right hand corner of the displayed product

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Safe Days

Safe Days are a unique reward that Momentum offers to policyholders of Momentum Short Term Insurance. Multiply Clients who have Momentum Short Term Insurance (MSTi) will earn an annual Cash Back and NOT a discount. This is provided that they have completed their Safety Questionnaire, Validated their safety score @TigerWheel&Tyre and have activated safe days on their mobile app.

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Myriad (Life Insurance & other risk benefits)

Policyholders are rewarded with discounts on their risk benefits and life insurance. This is a useful tool from our perspective as we can gain discounts of up to 60%, which is instrumental in cash flow savings and help to increase benefits, if required according to our Financial Needs Analysis. To get a better understanding of Myriad discounts, which are allocated MONTHLY please follow the link.

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